About Ballet with HeidiDance Class

In my ballet classes we will work on our technique through barre exercises, center work and moves across the floor.  I firmly believe that ballet is for everybody/every body. If you think you’re too stout, lanky, tall, short, old, stiff, or whatever you might criticize yourself about, to do ballet…you can stop now.

I teach these classes for adults. Some of my students are former child dance students who have been on a break for 5, 10 or more years. Many are adults who never had either the courage or opportunity to dance when they were young. All levels of experience (including no experience!) are welcome in class.

Also, my ballet classes are “Drop-in” only, which means there’s no start or end date; there’s no pre-registration or enrollment; you just show up to class and dance. If your schedule allows you to come faithfully each week or only once in a great while, you are welcome.

Dress Code
Don’t be intimidated! In my classes, students are not required to wear traditional ballet attire (leotard & tights). They may if they wish, but any dance/yoga/workout clothes that aren’t too baggy are perfectly acceptable. Why not too baggy? Well, I need to be able to see your body’s alignment to make sure you’re staying safe. Also, avoid any pants that are too long for me to see your ankles and feet. Again, it’s an issue of keeping your form correct and your dancing pain-free.

Students should wear ballet slippers, jazz shoes or plan to dance in socks. Tennis shoes and bare feet both stick to the floor too much for ballet.

Tuesdays On-going
7:00pm – 8:00pm
Kanopy Dance (341 State St)
$15 drop in / $60 for 5 classes / $100 for 10 classes

Pay online for Dance With Heidi drop-in classes (only valid for classes at Kanopy location and taught by Heidi.

Thursdays On-going
6:05pm – 7:05pm
Express Yourself (401 N Lake Street)
$15 drop in or Express Yourself has discount passes available at the studio.

See more about Express Yourself drop-in classes here: